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I design thoughtful user experiences that make the complex simple.

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Improving the everyday for Facebook employees

Facebook prides itself on being a hacker company that builds it's own tools. But when I joined nearly 3 years ago as a contractor, the tools they had hacked together to help employees book meetings, create and manage tasks, search for information or write documentation were bordering on unusable.

As the first designer to join the team, I spearheaded complete overhauls of almost every major tool on my team. Our goal is to design products that make productivity, collaboration and finding information as easy and intuitive as our consumer facing products. Our tools have saved countless hours of employee time and continue to improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration in the workplace. We use a people-driven approach to planning new features and understanding how to best solve the complex needs of our users making our tools highly specialized while at the same time serving many different use cases for the many different roles throughout the company.



  • User Research

  • Project Management

  • Feature Requirements

  • Design Concepts

  • Prototyping

  • Production Ready Mocks

  • Development Q&A

  • User Feedback Gathering

  • Revision and Iteration



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Calendar was designed to make the complex task of coordinating with people and finding rooms simple. It has smart defaults to handle the most common use cases so most meetings can be scheduled with a single click yet it easily scales to handle larger meetings.  Built on Exchange, it integrates with our facilities to allow for a tailored experience.

The mobile app allows for quick calendar checking on the go and helps you find your next meeting room. 

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Facebook runs on Tasks. This is the internal workhorse that almost everyone uses to track, manage and coordinate projects and to-dos.

Tasks was my first project when I joined the company, and the first redesign optimized for basic task lists. Now, we're taking another look at how we can radically improve the tool by adding project management capabilities. The new version will provide powerful ways to organize and visualize tasks as projects and can be optimized for many different working styles. It scales easily from simple task lists to complex gantt charts or Kanban workflows.  Currently there is no standard for project management so this redesign will bring much needed alignment and simplicity to organizing projects.

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Mobile Home


Combine a long shuttle commute and the convenience of having everything in your pocket and you get a real need for mobile tools. That's why we decided to build mobile versions of our most commonly used tools and combine them into one app, Mobile Home. This app houses Tasks, Calendar, Wayfinder, Rides, Eats, Wiki, Notifications and more in one convenient place. You can easily jump between tools to see when your next meeting is, where it's located, what's for lunch, who just commented on your task, when your next shuttle is and much more.    





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Bubble is an app that lets you send thoughts. This is a personal project that launched in 2015.





TripleSpot is lets you find and share adventures with your friends. Created by AAA it was a project started at Hot Studio and was passed on to small design group of which I was a lead designer. I helped support development and participated in a redesign shown here.




I love logo design for it's unique challenges and purity. I often take on logo projects on the side and have created a number of marks for Open Source projects, teams and groups at Facebook.

Logo - Sandcastle

Work Experience

Facebook - Product Designer, Internal Tools
2014 - present

Contract Designer - Hot Studio, Hydrant, Design Map, Adaptive Path
2009 - 2014

Moment Design - Senior Designer
2007 - 2009

Pratt Institute - BFA Art Direction